picals mi cat xox 001One day my Family and I found a cat who had no name he had nothing.  We decided to adopt him and name him, out of any name in the world my sister chose Pickles yes very funny name but I think it suited him. 

We knew we weren’t going to have him for very long because he was skinny and didn’t eat much.  He had big feet and long claws, he was long and skinny and very shy,everytime you would run or shout at him he would make a run for it.

He was a very kind and loving cat he was always be there when my sister and I got home, always sleep on my Dads top and for some funny reason he jumped on to my Dad’s Neck and sit there my Dad found it very annoying but we still loved him.  There was never a day where he would never Pur, whenever you would talk to him or pat him he would purr and meow.

23/8/2010    2:30 p.m Pickles got Put Down by the vet, it was so upsetting because he was the best cat ever but we could see that coming he would soon pass away.  We would look in the box and give him a last pat good-bye.  He felt so cold and stiff, When cats get Put Down they go with there eyes open.  everyone in our family was sad but I guess it was better than not eating and drinking then passing away in pain, it is crule to do that to a cat.  I guess that life goes on and on and things pass away.

My love is strong  with Pickles untill the day he died I miss him heaps but I guess it happenes.  Even writing this post there is a tear in my eye ready to drip.  I know he is like other cats but Pickles stands out the most.

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  1. Miss T says:

    Emma, it sounds like you gave Picles a very loving home, how long did you have him?
    It is sad to lose a pet, especially when he has brought you such joy and love.

  2. emmamb4 says:

    I think we gave him a very loving home. We had him for 18 months,It is very sad that he has left but I guess you have to build a bridge and get over it.


  3. sara ( Daniel S' sister says:

    cute cat emma

  4. teganr4 says:

    Hi emma
    That is soooo sad to lose a pet but it is a very cute cat.

    Teegan :-)

  5. Sam Graunke says:

    Hi Emma, I was really touched when I read your post. I have also had to recently have a loved pet put down. Although it is so sad at the time, I agree with your comments about relieving suffering.

    I was also really impressed with your writing skills, and will be using your post as an example of great writing for my students to look at. Thankyou for writing such a meaningful and intersting post.

    Regards, Sam Graunke, Australia

  6. emmamb4 says:

    Thanks Teegan, Thanks for visting my blog Sam. I will try to impove my writing in my posts.


  7. ella4 says:

    That is so sad to lose a pet. Did you enjoy having him?

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  10. emmamb4 says:

    Hi Ella, Yes it is very sad to lose a pet and I LOVED having him haha.

  11. Bea says:

    Emma your post is really touching!! It is so sad to lose a pet. Emma that post nearly made a tear on my eye!!

  12. emmamb4 says:

    Hello Bea, Yes it is very sad to lose a pet. Thanks for visiting my blog bea (=


  13. noahm says:

    Wow, pickles sounds like he ment alot to you, but it’s good to say thats just what they do, and move on. I think I mite have a try at making a post like that.

  14. snowball says:

    I havent had a cat or a dog befor, only a gini pig, and it died by a…. I think it was a black dog from next door that ate it. I was really sad, but like you said- I had to move on.

  15. redpuppy101 says:

    Hi my name is Emma i think your blog is really cool i love the cat it is so cute

    From Emma

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