Visit Queenstown

Queenstown is a place in the south Island that you have to visit.
These three places are well worth visiting in Queenstown.

1.   The are a huge selection of walking,biking tracks in and around the alpine town. You can walk along the shores of  Lake Wakatipu or if you want a leisurely stroll close to the city Centre.  There is also the Queenstown Gardens.

2.  You can take a Cruise across Lake Wakatipu on the “Lady Of The Lake,” the last remaining coal-fired passenger vessel,in the southern hemisphere.  This cruise can be combined with the Walter Peak High Country Farm where you can experience farm life from watching shearing demonstrations to horse treking.

3. The Skippers Canyon is an adventure of white-water rafting,bungee jumping and jetboating, it is New Zealands most spectacular Canyon.

One Activity I would encourage visitors to see in Queenstown is the Kiwi Birdlife Park. There is of course Kiwis and other birdlife veiwing. The conservation department also put their own shows on. You not only get entertainment but it is also very educational, there is also a Maori Hunting Village and Native forest and trails to be seen if you would like to learn more about this activity click here >

To find out more information about Queenstown click here >

6 thoughts on “Visit Queenstown

  1. Great tourist writing here, Emma!

    And I think I might visit some of the links.

    For many people, the kiwi bird is their first impression of New Zealand, and Queenstown in particular.

    (My first impression of New Zealand was a necklace made with Maori metals).

    So Queenstown is a town of mountains. There was an avalanche/big snowfall recently.

  2. Emma
    A great post on Queenstown, I am sure the more adventurous visitors would have a wonderful time there. For those of us not into white water rafting, we have the stroll and the shopping. I would love to go to Queenstown!
    Miss T

  3. Hi Emma,
    I would really like to visit Queenstown. It is one of the few places in the south island I haven’t visited. If I went I would go to skippers canyon and on the cruise. I would also go shopping. Have you been to Queenstown?

  4. Hello Teegan!

    Yes i would also would go to skippers canyon and on the Cruise. I have never been to Queenstown but I think it would be a wonderful experince to go!


  5. Hi Emma,
    I love biking and I really want to go to Queenstown it looks so much better than Paraparaumu and that is so cool.

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