My Origami

I like making Origami, so I decided to make a short slideshow of some of my favourites that I have made before.
In this slideshow I have a Heart, Boomerang, Butterfly, Water Balloon, Chinese good luck box, A bird and a Rose. Hope you enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “My Origami

  1. Hi Emma,

    You are really talented in origami, it must have taken you quite a while to make all of the things in your video. My favourite piece was the rose I love how the steam had thorns on it, you put in lots of detail. What was the second image?


  2. Hey Siabhaon,
    Thank you. Yes it certainly did take a while to make everything then take pictures, but it was worth it. I put alot of detail into the rose because it was the one that I was scared wasn’t going to turn out right because I have only made it once !

    The second image isn’t as easy to tell as the others but its meant to be a boomerang. If you get so good at making the Origami boomerang and all your folds are perfect you will then be able to throw it and it will come back to you. My folds are not perfect so it wont come back to me when I throw it 🙁

    Thanks for commenting on my blog,

  3. Emma
    Love your origami and your animoto, I wanted it to go on much longer! However I guess that would mean making lots more pieces.

    You are certainly building up a lot of skills around origami. Well done.

    I also like that you have replied to Siabhaon and developed your information about the pieces even more.

    Miss T 🙂

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